Replicating Profound UI

This section describes how to replicate Profound UI to other servers.

Items to Replicate

The following items comprise an entire Profound UI installation and should be configured for replication.

Please note that Profound UI can be installed multiple times on the same sever/partition by choosing alternate library and HTTP server instance names. This might be done to configure separate development/test/production environments on the same server/partition.

In this scenario, all product libraries and HTTP servers should be backed up as described below.

Profound UI product installation library

The default product installation library is PROFOUNDUI. However, this can be customized on installation.

The entire library including all contents should be replicated. 

Database files PUISSNP and PUISSNVP should be excluded from replication. These contain session-related data which is continually updated.

Profound UI HTTP server configuration and IFS objects

Folder /www/HTTP_SERVER_INSTANCE NAME contains the HTTP server configuration and web files for Profound UI.

The default HTTP server instance name is PROFOUNDUI. Therefore, the default folder is /www/profoundui. However, this can be customized on installation.

The entire folder, including all contents and sub-folders should be replicated.

If your Profound UI license key is stored in the IFS (/www/profoundui.key), you will need to exclude this file from replication. 

IBM i HTTP server instance member for Profound UI

The operating system stores its “master list” of HTTP server instances in file QUSRSYS/QATMHINSTC.

The member name will match the HTTP server instance name. This defaults to PROFOUNDUI, but can be customized on installation.

So, the default member is QUSRSYS/QATMHINSTC,PROFOUNDUI.

This member should be replicated.

License Key Data Area

If your license key for Profound UI is stored in data area QGPL/PUIKEY, you will need to exclude this object from replication. Since license keys encode both the serial number and name of the licensed server/partition, the license key data area MUST NOT be replicated across servers/partitions under any circumstances.

If the data area is replicated to another server or partition, Profound UI will fail to operate on that server/partition.