Updating Profound UI

This page will take you through the steps of updating your existing Profound UI instance to the latest version. Note that this page specifically mentions the use of the GUI installer to update your instance, however the steps are similar for the green screen installer as well. If you are installing Profound UI for the first time, you should use the instructions for Installing Profound UI or Installing Profound UI using the Green Screen Installer instead. 

We do not recommend updating your production instance without first testing the newest version of Profound UI. To setup a test instance, you can follow the instructions here

Step 1: Download the Latest Version

The first step of updating your instance is to download the latest version of Profound UI from the Profound Logic website: https://www.profoundlogic.com/customer-download/. On this screen, you will want to select Profound UI from the drop-down list of products, choose your installation method (either the Windows Executable or the 5250 SAVF) and then use the Download button to download the file:

This page will also give you more information on the version of Profound UI that you are downloading and the date that the update became available for download. 

Step 2: Open the Installer

For the GUI version of the installer, you will want to open the installer after the download finishes. Once you open the installer, you will see the following:

On this screen, you will want to fill in the requested information to allow the installer to connect to your IBM i. This includes your: IBM i IP address/host name, your user profile, and your password

Step 3: Configure the Installer Settings

After entering the IBM i information in step 2, next you will want to configure the installer to upgrade the correct Profound UI instance. By default, the installer will upgrade an instance named PROFOUNDUI on port 8080. However, if you wish to upgrade an instance that does not match that name/port, you must change the configuration settings for installer. To do this, you will want to choose the 'Customize' option on this screen:

Selecting the 'Customize' option will bring you to the following screen: 

You will want to change these settings based on the instance that you are currently upgrading. Below is a list of settings on this screen that you may consider changing for your upgrade: 

  • Profound UI Samples Library: It's important to note that the Profound UI Samples Library is installed with your first installation of Profound UI. If you already have this library (PUISAMPLES) installed on your system, you may wish to uncheck this option for the upgrade process. 

  • HTTP Configuration: Each instance of Profound UI is installed with its own, default version of the httpd.conf configuration file. For a fresh installation of Profound UI, it's normal that you would leave this option checked. However, it's important to note that the upgrade process will overwrite your instance's current httpd.conf file and replace it with the default version. This means that, if you've made any changes to your instance's httpd.conf file, the upgrade will overwrite those changes and your customizations will be lost. Because of this, if you've made any changes to the httpd.conf file for the instance that you are upgrading, we recommend unchecking this option to prevent the file from being overwritten. 

          NOTE: Starting in Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 8.0, the GUI installer will create a backup copy of the existing httpd.conf file for an instance that is upgraded while leaving the 'HTTP Configuration' option checked. 

  • Destination Library: You will want to change this to match the name of the library that you are wanting to upgrade. 

  • Instance Name: You will want to change this to match the name of the instance that you are wanting to upgrade. 

  • Port Number: This setting should be changed to match the port number of the Profound UI instance that you are upgrading. 

The settings that are not specifically mentioned here should also be changed to match the settings of the instance that you are upgrading if the default values were not used. 

After customizing these settings, the 'OK' button will take you back to the previous screen. Once on this screen, you can use the 'Install' button to start the installation process.  

If you encounter any installation errors during the upgrade process, we recommend taking a look at the Troubleshooting the Installation documentation page. If you continue to have problems with your upgrade, you can also reach out to the Profound Logic Support team (support@profoundlogic.com). 

Step 4: Test!

After the installer finishes the upgrade, a shortcut icon will be placed on your Desktop that will navigate you to the Profound UI Welcome Page. Here, you can check the version of your instance to ensure that it was upgraded properly and that your instance is working as expected.