Installing Profound UI

Installing on IBM i

If you are using Profound UI on IBM i independent of Profound.js, follow the instructions below.

Profound UI operates on IBM i systems running i/OS V7R1 or higher. All Profound UI components are installed on the server and are utilized through a browser interface. Profound UI makes use of the IBM i HTTP Server powered by Apache, which is already included in the operating system.

IBM i 6.1 is no longer supported starting with Version 6, Fix Pack 2.0 of Profound UI.



Required Permissions

Starting in releases of Profound UI after Version 6 Fix Pack 17.0, the windows installer will prompt you for network permissions to upload the files to your IBM i.  You must accept the permission for access to public networks for the installer to work. 


You can visit the following website to download the executable file for Profound UI:

To begin installation, start the automated Profound UI Installer (ProfoundUISetup.exe), and follow these steps:

  1. Review Welcome Screen. Click Next.
  2. Review and Accept License Agreement. Click Next.
  3. Specify the IBM i IP Address or Host Name, and an IBM i User Profile and Password. QSECOFR or equivalent use profile should be used during this step. 
  4. Review and/or modify installation settings using the 'Customize' button on the screen. 
  5. Click the 'Install' button.
  6. Profound UI will be installed to your server via FTP. This step may take some time.
  7. Once installation is complete, select “Launch Profound UI in your browser now”, and click Finish.

Profound UI is a browser-based solution, so it will launch in your default browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The first time you launch the product, you may be directed to the Profound Logic website to activate your copy.

Once your copy of Profound UI is activated, you can launch the Profound UI Visual Designer by typing its URL into the address bar of your browser. The URL is typically formatted as follows: http://SystemiHostName:8080/profoundui/designer. For your convenience, the Profound UI Installer will have placed a shortcut icon on your desktop for launching the Profound UI Welcome page automatically.

Installing Profound UI using the Windows Installer - Video

For a detailed walk-through of how to install Profound UI using the Windows Installer see Profound Logic's YouTube channel. 

Server Requirements

The total size of the most recent Profound UI installation on a disk is:

Total Size: 619MB

The size of each installation is an approximation and will vary for each release.

The minimum required IBM i OS release is 7.1.