Installing Profound UI using the Green Screen Installer

Step 1: Download the Save File (.savf).

We have the latest version's file on our website Alternatively, if you need a previous version we can provide you with a username and password to access our version archive folder, just send us a message at

Step 2: Transfer the save file to the server(s) you wish to install to.

Use any method that you wish to do this. The remainder of these instructions assume that you put it in a save file named PUISETUP in library QGPL. We will leave this file transfer up to you - though, if you want specific instructions on how to do it using a mapped drive or FTP, let us know, we can provide them.

Step 3: Restore the temporary 'setup' library.

If you already have an existing PUISETUP library, this should be cleared or deleted before performing the restore. The restore is done with the following command (make sure you have a user profile with authority to restore libraries and objects.)


Step 4: Run the install program.

It’s required to use QSECOFR or other user profile with all special authorities (i.e. *ALLOBJ, *SECADM, etc.) for the installation.

From your 5250 session, type this:



Step 5: Follow on-screen prompts.

The screens will prompt you for information similar to the options we have in the GUI install program. Just follow the prompts to install Profound UI. The default install library is PROFOUNDUI and port number is 8080, just like in the GUI installer. You are free to change the instance and library name to whatever you choose, or you can leave them at the default values of 'PROFOUNDUI'.

Make sure that you do the following:

 ✓ If you are not installing Profound UI for the first time, uncheck the Profound UI Samples library.

 ✓ Enable Zend PHP if you need to use PHP on this instance

 ✓ Specify the library (PROFOUNDUI)

 ✓ Specify the Libary IASP (*SYSBAS) - Leave *SYSBAS if not installing into an IASP  (NOTE - This option is available starting with Version 6, Fix Pack 0 and later

 ✓ Specify the instance name (PROFOUNDUI)

 ✓ Specify a unique port number (one that you are not using elsewhere)

Customization screen below

For troubleshooting common errors, check /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/352026697.

Note for Zend Server Directory

For the "Zend Server Directory" field, make sure that entries are UPPERCASE only!

Step 6: Delete the setup library.

Once the installation is complete, the PUISETUP library can be deleted to save disk space.



Installing Profound UI using the Green Screen Installer - Video

For a detailed walk-through of how to install Profound UI using the Green Screen Installer see Profound Logic's Youtube channel.