Work with Initial Library List Setup Tool

This tool is specific to the IBM i platform.

Starting with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 10.0, we provide a tool to control the initial library list setup for Rich Display File Applications. This utility can be used with the Rich Display or Genie module of Profound UI. This tool makes it easier for users to add, change and delete initial library list setup without having to use a separate database editing utility or SQL. You can find more information on Library List Setup here

The name of the command used to call this tool is PUIWRKLIBL.

Using PUIWRKLIBL in Genie

The PUIWRKLIBL command is a standard command that can be run from the command line in Genie. You also have the option to use PUIWRKLIBL in a CL program in order to call it from your applications. 

Using PUIWRKLIBL in a Rich Display Session

In order to use PUIWRKLIBL from your Rich Display program, we suggest placing the command in a CL program. The purpose of creating a CL program for this would be to control the library list for your Rich Display File application. You could also set up your CL program as the 'initial program' in the Visual Designer, or call it as a "Rich Display" from Atrium.


This image above is the main screen for PUIWRKLIBL. Here you can see the multiple components of Initial Library List (User ID, User Profile, Parent Group). This tool offers the ability to sort (ascending or descending) on any of these three columns as well as the ability to find or filter the data in the columns – you can find these options by right-clicking on a column header. PUIWRKLIBL will also use the web browser's "local storage" to remember the sort that you place on any of the columns. There is a reset option available for the grid if you want to reset the sort order at any time, you can find this option by right-clicking on a column header.

The following options are available for PUIWRKLIBL:

  • Add User – allows you to add a new user profile to the PUI0001203 file. On the 'Add User' screen, you can add any valid user profile but User Id and Parent group will be generated automatically.

  • Change – allows you to change an existing records from the PUI0001204 file. After you've selected your record, you can press the 'Change' button to bring up the 'Change Record' screen. On the 'Change' screen, you can edit Job Description/Job Description Library or Library list and Current Library for selected user profile. You can also use the slider to set the user profile to use default library list setup. This defaults to 'Yes' but you can simply need to click on the slider to change it to 'No'. If you set slider to 'Yes', the record will be deleted and "system defaults" will be used for current user profile.

  • Refresh – re-loads the list of user profiles from the file.

  • Reset cols – resets any moved or sorted columns back to their default values

  • Exit – exit the PUIWRKLIBL application.