Profound UI Welcome Page

After installing Profound UI, the installer will automatically place a shortcut icon on your desktop that you can use to launch Profound UI in the browser. This shortcut icon will take you directly to the Profound UI Welcome Page, which makes it easy for you to navigate to a certain Profound UI module, check the Version and Fix Pack level that your Profound UI instance is currently running, manage your license keys, and more. You can use the shortcut icon on your computer to access the Welcome page, or you can simply use the following URL in the browser: http://systemName:port/profoundui/welcome (where 'systemName' is the name of your system and 'port' is the port number that you are using for your Profound UI instance). 

When you visit the Welcome page, you will see the following screen: 

The important parts of this screen are highlighted above in red

The middle section of this screen is used to launch certain products (like the Visual Designer, Genie, JumpStart, Atrium, etc.) and can even be used to navigate to the Profound Logic forums or open up the Profound Logic documentation site. There are too many navigation options here to document individually, however it's important to note that this section simply makes it easier for users to launch products, programs, documentation (etc.). 

In the top-right section of this screen, you will see the Version/Fix Pack level of the Profound UI instance that you are accessing this Welcome page with, the option to check for Profound UI updates and view the Profound UI License Key page. If you visit this page or if you click the 'Check for Update' option while on this screen and you are not using the most current version of Profound UI, you will see a prompt to update your instance that looks like this: 

This prompt gives you the option to visit our website ( to download the newest release, and also directs you to our What's New page to check out the bug fixes and added features that were included in the release.