Atrium is an enterprise web portal and menu system that ties all of your applications into an intuitive and easy to use browser interface. It integrates all of the applications developed with Profound UI Rich Display Files, applications modernized with Genie, Profound.js applications, RPGsp applications, and applications created with other third party Web frameworks. 

With Atrium, you can finally eliminate clumsy green-screen menus that require you to drill-down through various levels of options just to access the application you need. Instead, you can effortlessly and securely launch the programs that pertain to you from an integrated menu system. Plus, with the Atrium's tab layout, you save even more time by launching multiple applications simultaneously without having to start a new session or back out of applications that are already open. The portal’s interface offers a straightforward navigation system that includes the use of drop-down trees, accordion panels, toolbars, and pull-down menus. It allows system administrators to tailor the interface visually, as well as set up authority-based permissions.

The portal provides a secure framework to house all of your web applications and modernized green-screens under a single sign-on tied to either IBM i user profiles or a custom set of user names and passwords. All of the security features native to the IBM i are automatically preserved, while additional administrator functionality further protects the company’s applications and data by ensuring that access is only granted to authorized users.