Starting Profound UI with Verbose Logging

For general information on how to start the Profound UI HTTP Server, please see the following page: Starting/Ending the Profound UI HTTP Server

When changes are made to the httpd.conf file (e.g. when enabling TLS/SSL) the corresponding Profound UI instance needs to be restarted. Errors in the httpd.conf file can cause the Profound UI HTTP server startup to fail or cause the instance to behave in unexpected ways. 

To troubleshoot an issue like this, you can start the Profound UI HTTP server with increased verbosity logging with the following command:


PROFOUNDUI is the default name for the HTTP Server. If your installation uses a different name, you'll want to replace PROFOUNDUI with your Profound UI instance name. 

Doing this will create a spool file with additional information under the QTMHHTTP user.

Once the issues are resolved, restart the instance without the '-vv' argument to prevent unnecessary logging.