Troubleshooting the Installation


If the installation does not complete successfully the problem usually falls into two categories.

  1. FTP connection problem

  2. IBM i authority / lock problem

FTP Problem

Most FTP problems are caused by a firewall (usually on the PC) and typically comes from a Windows Firewall. Try disabling the firewall from the control panel and running the installer again.

Also, double check that you granted public network access to the installer when prompted by Windows.  See the Windows Installer installation instructions for more information: Installing Profound UI.

IBM i Authority / Lock

A good way to see what is going on is to look in the FTP server job log. This should contain messages explaining exactly what happened. To see the log, run the installer and leave any error message window open – if you close it, the FTP job ends and the log becomes difficult to find.

With the window open, go to a command line and use:


This will show you the FTP server jobs. You should be able to see which one is running the INSTALL program. Take a look at the bottom of the job log – this should provide details about the error.