How To Apply A Key For Profound UI


This documentation will take you through the steps needed to apply your license key for Profound UI. There are two different ways that you can apply your key: through the “key” page on the web, or by using green screen.


If you want to apply your key through the website, you can go to the following url:


Of course, you will need to change “YOUR-SERVER-IP” to your own server name or IP address as well as change “YOUR-INSTANCE-PORT” to the port number that Profound UI is installed on. For example, if your server IP address was and your Profound UI instance was installed on port 8080, your URL would look like this:

The following page will load from that link:



You can either copy and paste the key into the text area under “Paste License Key” or you can upload the profoundui.key file from your local computer if you were sent a file that contains your new key.

After choosing “Apply Key”, you can refresh the page to verify that the new key has been applied.


Green Screen

If you want to apply your new key using green screen, Profound UI stores the key in the following data area: QGPL/PUIKEY.

You will need to update the data area above with your new key. You may need to run the command “CALL QCMD” before updating the data area in order to add more lines to the command line. Then, you should be able to run the “CHGDTAARA” command to update the key.