Support for IASPs

Referencing Data in IASPs

Starting with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 0.6, it is possible to use Profound UI with Independent Auxilliary Storage Pools (IASPs).  IASP support in Profound UI is based on the "initial ASP group" setting in the user's job description. When the user signs on, Profound UI will automatically run SETASPGRP ASPGRP(*CURUSR) so that a user will have access to his/her IASPs when doing things such as opening source members, referencing database files, or compiling display files.

IASPs in Anonymous Sessions

Anonymous sessions (those that do not require a sign-on) will run under the IBM-supplied QTMHHTP1 user profile.  IBM recommends that you do not change the IASP configuration for IBM-supplied user profiles, however.  Therefore, when running an anonymous session, Profound UI will look for an environment variable named PUI_ANON_ASP, and will set the ASP group to that value instead of the one associated with the user profile.

You can set this environment variable in your HTTP server's httpd.conf file.  To do this, edit the file located in /www/PROFOUNDUI/conf/httpd.conf, and add the following line (where MY_IASP is the name of the ASP group you wish to have set during anonymous sessions.)


You will need to restart the HTTP server after changing the httpd.conf file.

Installing Profound UI Installation to an IASP

The Green Screen installer has supported installation into an IASP since Profound UI Version 6 was first released.  To specify an IASP find the 'Library IASP' field on the screen, and replace *SYSBAS with the name of the IASP you wish to install into.  Starting with Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 8.0, IASP installations are also supported in the Windows GUI Installer by clicking the 'Customize' button. Like the 5250 installer, you must change the 'Library IASP' field to reflect the IASP you wish to install into.

See Installing using the Windows GUI Installer or Installing Profound UI using the Green Screen Installer for screenshots of the install screens.

Moving a Profound UI Installation to an IASP

If you have an existing Profound UI instance that you need to move to an IASP, you can do so by following the instructions in this section. These instructions assume that Profound UI was installed into a library named PROFOUNDUI (which is the default, but can be changed by clicking the 'customize' button in our installation program.)   If you used a different library name, please substitute that in the instructions below.  Also, substitute the name of your IASP in place of MY_IASP.

Important:  As described above, Profound UI will run SETASPGRP ASPGRP(*CURUSR) when your users sign on. When that happens it's important that the PROFOUNDUI library is available to the user, otherwise Profound UI will not be able to find its programs or files and will produce an error message.

  1. If you haven't already done so, install Profound UI into the system ASP as normal.

  2. Stop the HTTP instance if it is running: ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(PROFOUNDUI)

  3. Move the library into an IASP (this takes a few minutes): MOV OBJ('/QSYS.LIB/PROFOUNDUI.LIB') TOOBJ('/MY_IASP/QSYS.LIB/PROFOUNDUI.LIB')

  4. Using a text editor (such as RDi) edit this file: /www/profoundui/conf/httpd.conf

  5. Use your editor's find/replace function to replace /QSYS.LIB/PROFOUNDUI.LIB with /MY_IASP/QSYS.LIB/PROFOUNDUI.LIB


  7. Save your changes.


Moving Profound UI IFS Resources Into an IASP

This process is similar to the previous one, but it moves the IFS objects into the IASP instead of the programs.  The following instructions assume that Profound UI is installed into the default /www/profoundui/ directory in the IFS.  If yours are installed in a different location, please substitute that location in the instructions below. Also, substitute the name of your IASP in place of MY_IASP.

Note: The IBM i operating system (including the HTTP server) must be installed in the system ASP. This means that the configuration files for the HTTP server must stay in the system ASP, however, you can still move all of the Profound UI data files to an IASP if you wish.

  1. Stop the server if running: ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(PROFOUNDUI)

  2. Use a text editor (such as RDi) to edit the /www/profoundui/conf/httpd.conf file. Find the DocumentRoot directive, and change it to /MY_IASP/www/profoundui/htdocs

  3. Change the aliases from /www/profoundui/ to /my_iasp/www/profoundui/ (you can use find/replace)

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Start the QShell environment with: STRQSH

  6. Make a directory in the IASP: mkdir -p /my_iasp/www/profoundui

  7. Move the document root to the IASP: mv /www/profoundui/htdocs /my_iasp/www/profoundui/htdocs

  8. Move Genie macros to the IASP: mv /www/profoundui/macros /my_iasp/www/profoundui/macros

  9. Move JumpStart templates to the IASP: mv /www/profoundui/JumpStart /my_iasp/www/profoundui/JumpStart

  10. Move mobile templates to the IASP: mv /www/profoundui/mobile /my_iasp/www/profoundui/mobile

  11. Hit F3 to exit QShell