Minimum Requirements

End-user Requirements

Minimum PC requirements for normal performance:

  • PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10-11, Mac OSX, Linux. Or iOS/Android mobile devices.

  • At least 2GB RAM

  • Supported browsers:

    • Current Firefox

    • Current Chrome

    • Current Opera

    • Current Microsoft Edge

    • Current Safari

    • Internet Explorer 11 – support is being withdrawn. See the "Internet Explorer" section below.

Suggestions for best performance:

  • We do not recommend IE, but if it is necessary to use it, make sure you are running the latest version.  Older versions have serious memory and performance problems.

  • If using Windows XP, a non-IE browser (such as Chrome, Firefox) must be used w/ Atrium and Profound UI. We strongly advise against using Windows XP.

  • Chrome is the most popular browser and the one that performs the best for most tasks.  Google provides recommended system requirements for Chrome here:

IBM i Server Requirements

IBM i OS Requirements

 IBM i 7.1 or newer with the latest cumulative PTF, HIPER, and HTTP Group PTFs should be installed on the system. We also recommend the latest Technology Refresh (TR) for new features.

IBM i 6.1 is no longer supported starting with Version 6, Fix Pack 2.0 of Profound UI.

Since Profound UI is a suite of tools for developing and running applications, rather than an application itself, the hardware requirements will vary widely depending on your application and number of users. 

  • Visual Designer runs in the QHTTPSVR subsystem, and requires approximately 12mb per active user.

  • Genie Runtime sessions use 16mb for the controller job in the QHTTPSVR subsystem plus an additional 24mb for an average sized application in the interactive subsystem (for example, QINTER.)

  • Rich Display runtime sessions use 16mb for the controller job and 24mb for an average application, but all run in the QHTTPSVR subsystem.

  • Atrium uses approximately 16mb per active user in the QHTTPSVR subsystem.

  • The IBM HTTP Server uses approximately 132mb per active HTTP server instance.

  • The IBM i CPU usage is roughly the same as it would be for a green-screen application.  However, it will require a little bit of additional CPU power if you enable SSL and even more for compression. (We do not recommend enabling compression unless you are on a very slow network.)

If you know how many resources your application requires when running as a green-screen application, a good estimate of the additional resources is:

  • Add 132mb per HTTP server instance for the IBM jobs.  (Typically, customers use only one instance.)

  • Add an additional 16mb per concurrent active job in the QHTTPSVR subsystem.

  • Add an additional 12mb per concurrent active job in the interactive (QINTER, etc) subsystem for Genie jobs, or the QHTTPSVR subsystem for Rich Display runtime jobs.

Additional Requirements for Genie

Starting with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 12.0 (or later) Genie requires additional PTFs.

Due to a bug in IBM i, customers may receive the following error when running Genie:

CPF87D3: Internal system error occurred in program QTVSWRIT.

To fix this error, please have the following PTFs (provided by IBM) installed.















Requirements for Using SSL with IBM i 7.4

Due to a bug in IBM i 7.4, customers may receive an Internal Server Error message when using SSL with Profound UI. 

To fix this error, please install PTF SI70862 (provided by IBM). You can find more information about this PTF here

Requirements for Using Kerberos/SSO with IBM i V7R5 (7.5)

Due to a bug in IBM i 7.5, if using Kerberos/SSO with Profound UI, IBM PTF SI83931 is required to ensure Kerberos functions properly. 

Internet Explorer

As of June 15, 2022 Microsoft no longer supports the Internet Explorer web browser. We recommend that users cease using it and switch to another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Starting with Profound UI Version 6 Fix Pack 19.0 in June 2022, releases of Profound UI will no longer support Internet Explorer.

Issues caused by using Profound UI in Internet Explorer in older versions of Profound UI than 6 Fix Pack 19.0 can still receive technical support and patches until July 15, 2023.