Subfile Option Pattern

This setting overrides the pattern Genie uses to detect subfile options on screen when creating drop-down controls for the subfile option column. This setting allows more flexible detection of subfile options over the default Genie behavior—for example, you can detect any number of characters as options. If you need to detect multiple options per output field, see Subfile Option Pattern2.

The setting, pui["subfile menu choices"], takes precedence over this setting.

Default Genie Behavior:

By default, Genie detects one pattern per output field. Patterns are expected to be two numeric characters followed by an equal sign (=), or one alphanumeric character followed by an equal sign.

Example Setting:

pui["subfile option pattern"] = /^([A-Z0-9]{1,2}) ?([=-]) ?(.*)$/ig;

This setting allows options to be detected with one or two alphanumeric characters at the beginning of the field, followed by 0 or 1 spaces, followed by a separator character that is either = or -, followed by 0 or 1 spaces, followed by anything up to the end of the output field. Parentheses cause the expression to “capture” text. The pattern must capture 3 things in this order: the option, the separator, and the label as the last captured group.

Where do you save this configuration option? Here.

This feature is available with Profound UI releases later than Version 6 Fix Pack 6.3.3.