Option Column Number

This setting helps Genie detect a subfile when its option column is not the first column. By default, Genie looks for a small input field in the first column of a detected subfile. With this option, the input field can be in any other column, and Genie can detect the subfile.

Specify an integer for the option column number. 0 is the first (left-most) column, 1 is the 2nd column, etc. A value of -1 is the last (right-most) column, -2 is the 2nd to last column, etc. If the specified value is too high or too low for the number of columns in the subfile, then 0 is used.

This setting is available with Profound UI releases after Version 6 Fix Pack 2.1.


pui["option column number"] = -1; //The last column has the options, and dropdowns should go there.

This setting should be used on a per-screen basis; i.e. set it in the screen's "onpageload" event. If most of your subfiles use the option column in the last column, you can set this option globally, as explained Here.