Runtime Validation Messages

Profound UI validation messages are configurable through these settings.


// the following are the default validation messages pui["runtimeMessages"]["ME"] = "Mandatory entry field. You must enter data."; pui["runtimeMessages"]["MF"] = "Mandatory fill field. You must fill the input box completely."; pui["runtimeMessages"]["required"] = "The value cannot be blank. This field is required."; pui["runtimeMessages"]["file required"] = "You must select at least one file."; pui["runtimeMessages"]["signature overflow"] = "The signature drawing size exceeds the maximum number of bytes available for storing the signature.  Please clear the signature pad and try again."; pui["runtimeMessages"]["validValues"] = "Value entered is not valid. Valid values are: ";

Where do you save this configuration option? Here.

Note: Starting with Profound UI Version 4, Fix Pack 6.2, this option still works, but is deprecated. We recommend that you use Language Support instead.