Function Key Pattern

This setting controls the pattern Genie uses to detect function key labels on screen when creating links/buttons for function keys. 

Default setting:

pui["function key pattern"] = "^(F|CA|CF|CK|CMD)([0-9]{1,2})([=:-])(.*)$";

The default pattern shown detects function key labels starting with F, CA, CF, CK, or CMD, followed by a key number and a separator character (=, :, or -), and then some text. Function key labels are matched using this string as a regular expression pattern. The pattern specified must capture the key prefix, key number, separator, and label text separately as shown above.

Where do you save this configuration option?  Here

Alternate Syntax
 pui["function key pattern"] = /^(F|CA|CF|CK|CMD)([0-9]{1,2})([=:-])(.*)$/i;

The alternate syntax is available after Profound UI V6 FP2.0. It permits you to set the pattern to a RegExp object, allowing you to avoid problems escaping certain characters, such as the backslash (\).