Strict Tab Control

This option is also available as a screen-level property in the Visual Designer. 

This configuration option determines whether screens will default to having their "strict tab control" property set to true or false.  If you do not specify this option, it will default to false.

Strict tab control determines whether the keyboard focus (sometimes called the "cursor") is controlled by the browser when the tab key is pressed, or whether it is controlled by keyboard events in the framework.  When this feature is enabled, the framework will handle them in a strict manner, forcing the focus to move to the next input capable field on the display.  If it reaches the end of the display, it will wrap around to the top of the display rather than focusing on the browser's controls.

For example, this sets the strict tab control default to true:

pui["strict tab control"] = true;

Caution: Accessibility standards often require that it be possible to navigate to the browser controls with the keyboard in addition to the mouse, so enabling this feature can violate accessibility standards. Developers who enable this option must take responsibility for ensuring that they are in compliance with any applicable accessibility standards or laws.

This option requires Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 14.0 or newer.

Where do you save this configuration option?  Here