Break Message Options

Profound UI has a unique Break Message system that is disabled by default. There are several configuration options.

To apply these options to Rich Display sessions, the options should be in a custom JavaScript file; see Configuration Options for more information. To apply these options to Genie sessions, the options should be in the custom.js file of the Genie skin. If both Genie and Rich Display sessions are used, then these configuration options need to be in both places. Setting the options for either Genie or Rich Display sessions will cause the messages to appear for users in Atrium as well.

Profound UI Break Messaging is available with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 4.0.


By default, break message polling is disabled. This flag must be set true to enable the break message feature on the client-side.

pui["brkmsg enable"] = true;

Polling Interval

The break messaging feature works by letting client browsers poll the server at regular intervals for new messages. The default polling interval is 30 seconds. Example of changing the interval to 5 seconds:

pui["brkmsg poll interval"] = 5;

The interval cannot be shorter than 1 second.

Maximum Error Count

By default the polling script will stop once it encounters 3 error messages from the server. Usually the errors are caused by session timeouts. Example of setting maximum error count:

pui["brkmsg max errors"] = 1;

Maximum messages

On Rich Display and Genie screens, each message received from the server is displayed in its own box on screen. By default, only 10 messages can be shown at a time. If 10 messages are visible when a new message arrives, then the oldest message is discarded. Example of setting maximum message count:

pui["brkmsg max messages"] = 20;

You can also format the messages destined for Genie or Rich Display sessions using a custom formatting function. Messages for sessions in Atrium use a different formatting function.