onoptionclick value is text

The pui["onoptionclick value is text"] option is not recommended unless you have coded many of your menu widget onoptionclick events to expect the "value" variable to have the same data as the "text" variable, and your menus use a "choice values" property, and your code sets the "field type" property of a menu via applyProperty after the screen loads, and this coding was done before Profound UI Version 6 Fix Pack 1.0. (This configuration option is available with Version 6 Fix Pack 3.1 and later releases.)

We recommend coding the "onoptionclick" event as detailed in its documentation, here; that is, expect the "value" variable to use the data from the "choice values" property if "choice values" is set.

In case you must use this option, set the option to true:

pui["onoptionclick value is text"] = true;

Where do you save this configuration option?  Here