Genie Special Key Mapping

This option allows for providing alternate key combinations for the System Request, Attention, Help, Clear, and Print keys in Genie. The option is set to an object which contains property names which match to the key names 'SYSRQ', 'ATTN', 'HELP', 'CLEAR' and 'PRINT'. The key names are not case-sensitive.

The value of the key property is another object which contains properties 'code', 'shift', 'alt', and 'ctrl'. These property names are case-sensitive and set the key code for the key, and also whether the shift, control, or alt key must be pressed as well.

The 'code' property must be set to a valid JavaScript key code number.

The 'shift', 'ctrl', and 'alt' properties are to boolean true or false. If not specified, false is assumed. These properties can be used in combination.


pui.genie.config.keyMap = { "sysrq": { // This is the default System Request key mapping, SHIFT+ESCAPE "code": 27, "shift": true }, "attn": { // This is the default Attention key mapping, ESCAPE. "code": 27 }, "help": { // This is the default Help key mapping, ALT+F1. "code": 112, "alt": true }, "clear": { // This is the default CLEAR key mapping, Pause/Break. "code": 19 }, "print": { // Example mapping for Print Key, CTRL+ALT+F1; there is no default mapping assigned. "code": 112, "alt": true, "ctrl": true } }

Where do you save this configuration option? Here.