Special Key Pattern2

This setting controls the pattern Genie uses to detect "special" function key labels on screen when creating links/buttons for function keys.  This setting differs from "special key pattern" in that it searches the entire screen as a single buffer, whereas "special key pattern" searches each field on the display separately. Special keys include Enter, Page Up/Down, Help and Print.  For normal function keys (the F1-F12 keys) see Function Key Pattern and Function Key Pattern2,

By default, this feature is disabled and Special Key Pattern is used instead.

pui["special key pattern2"] = "(Enter|PageUp|PageDown|Rollup|RollDown|PgUp|PgDn|Help|Print)([=-])(.*)";

The default pattern locates the words Enter, PageUp, PageDown, etc, followed by a separator (equal sign or dash), followed by the text. The parenthesis shown are used to "capture" the different parts (key name, separator and text) so that the appropriate words can be placed on the resulting buttons or links that Genie places on the screen.  You must use parenthesis to capture at least 2 parts of the string (the key name and the text) or this pattern will not work.

By defining a different pattern in your custom.js file, you can change the strings and separators that Genie searches for.

The key name that is captured in the pattern must either be a valid parameter to the pressKey API, or else it must be mapped to a valid key name using the Special Key Map feature.

This option requires Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 12.0 or newer.

Alternate Syntax
pui["special key pattern2"] = /(Enter|PageUp|PageDown|Rollup|RollDown|PgUp|PgDn|Help|Print)([=-])(.*)/ig;

The alternate syntax is available after Profound UI V6 FP2.0. It permits you to set the pattern to a RegExp object, allowing you to avoid confusion escaping certain characters, such as the backslash (\).