Genie HTML Container

An HTML container can be used to display a segment of HTML on a screen.  Any well formed segment of HTML that could be inserted into the body of an HTML page can be placed in this container.

The purpose of an HTML container could be varied. It could be used to display tabular data in an HTML table.  It could also be used to create any HTML element or construct content which may not directly supported by Genie such as an Ordered List.

It could also be used to display HTML formatted text, such as help text.

To create an HTML container, click the HTML container element under Containers inside Widgets.

The HTML for the container is entered in the html property.  In the example below you can see the first few words visible in the html property and the complete rendered text in the HTML container.

The color of the text can be selected with the Font and Text color property.

If you want to hide any element including an HTML container, you can use the visibility property. (See the Genie Hyperlink section for a way to make the HTML container visible on-the-fly using JavaScript.)