What is a Skin?

A Genie skin is a collection of HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet files which control how all 5250 screens are displayed. Each skin is comprised of:

  • Template HTML file (start.html)

  • Cascading Style Sheet file (<Skin Name>.css   e.g. gradient.css) 

  • Customization Script file (custom.js)

These files are located on the IFS in the /www/profoundui/htdocs/profoundui/userdata/genie skins/Skin Name/ directory, where Skin Name is the name of a skin, such as Gradient. 

The template HTML is a static file that can be used to design the page header and footer for all screens. This can include a company logo, text, links, and color schemes. 

The css file contains styling for all components on a page.  This can include such items as color, size, location, alignment and font style plus much more.  It also determines how each 5250 display attribute will be rendered by Genie.

Customizing a Skin

In most cases, a new skin would first have to be created by copying a shipped skin. We recommend that you do NOT use the shipped skins directly because they can be overwritten with a product update. You should instead make a copy of a shipped skin and use this copy. The Genie Administrator tool can help with copying a skin.  Changes to a skin will affect all screens running under that skin.  Some knowledge of HTML and CSS is required for customization, but this is the only time Genie requires knowledge of these languages.  In most cases, minor changes to a skin copied from a default skin can be successfully completed by personnel with a basic understanding of these technologies.  Profound Logic Software can provide these services if required.