Genie Field Set Panel

The field set panel is a specialized element that simply groups other elements together and encloses them in a box.  If you place a number of other elements inside of a field set panel and then move the field set panel, all elements inside the panel will move with it.

A Field Set Panel is intended to contextually group similar screen elements as can be seen in the examples below.  The bottom example uses field set panels to group related input fields.  Field Set Panels can greatly improve the readability of a screen.

To create a Field Set Panel, drag it to the screen off the Widget Toolbox.

 The Panel can be moved or resized as necessary.

Select one or more elements that you want to move inside the Field Set Panel.

Drag the selected elements inside the Panel.  A green message will indicate how many elements have been added to the panel.  An element has to be moved completely inside the field set panel for it to be added to the panel.

If for any reason you need to select multiple elements inside the Field Set panel (for example if you want to slightly move them all or drag them out of the panel) you can select them individually by holding down the control key and clicking each element with the mouse. Alternatively, if you first lock the panel by right clicking on it and selecting Lock in Place, you are then able to select multiple elements in one action with the mouse. 

Elements can be removed from a panel by simply dragging them out. A red message will indicate how many elements have been removed from the panel.

To change the Title of the Field Set Panel, select the panel and change the value in the properties dialog.

Below is an example of a Field Set Panel text with border color properties set to blue.