Genie Date Field

A date Field is a textbox with a calendar icon attached to it:  

The date can be entered manually or if the calendar icon is clicked, a calendar will pop up and the date can be selected with the mouse.  When the calendar icon is clicked, the calendar will display the date in the field. If the date field is blank, the calendar will default to the current date.

Using the Administrator interface, Genie can be configured to automatically recognize input fields that are formatted as dates and display them as date fields with a calendar.  The designer allows you to convert any textbox to a date field as well as create new date fields.

Creating a New Date Field

New date fields could be used for tasks such as selecting a date range for a chart. It can be created by clicking the Date Field Element under Common in Widgets.

Click and drag the new date field to the desired position on your screen.

Changing a Textbox to a Date Field

To change an existing input textbox to a date field, right click the textbox and select Change to Date Field from the menu.

Date Field Properties

An important property to set is the date format property. Make sure this is set to match the date format expected by your green screen application.  If this property is left blank, the format defaults to the skin default, and then to the global default if a skin default is not provided, and finally to MM/DD/YY if a global default is not provided.  The Skin and global defaults are set in the Genie Administrator.