Genie Query String Parameters

The following parameters can be passed on the query string when starting Genie sessions:

  • skin: Pass desired skin name (case insensitive) to launch with. If not passed, default skin set in Administrator will be used.

  • log: Pass '1' to enable 5250 session logging, see here.

  • trace: Pass the starting step number to begin a trace based on a 5250 session log.

  • token: Used for automated sign on with custom exit program, see here.

  • workstnid: Pass desired workstation device name -- supported only with Virtual Terminal connection.

  • suffixid: Pass '1' for automatically appending suffix to work station device name to avoid duplicates when using above parameter. Similar to "avoid duplicate names with other workstations" in Client Access.

  • macro, var, val:  Used for running macros, see here.

  • plog: Pass '1' to enable Profound.js performance logging, when calling Profound.js modules from Genie. See here.


http://myserver:8080/profoundui/genie?workstnid=AP  (request device name 'AP')

http://myserver:8080/profoundui/genie?workstnid=AP&suffixid=1 (request device name 'AP', 'AP1', 'AP2', etc., as available).

http://myserver:8080/profoundui/genie?skin=myCompany (launch with myCompany skin)