Changing Default Suffix IDs

By default, when you use Genie's workstnid and suffixid URL options, it will choose a workstation name using the following list of suffixes:


For example if you specify a URL such as /profoundui/genie?workstnid=GENIEDSP&suffixid=1, it will give you a workstation named GENIEDSP if possible, if not, it will give you GENIEDSP1 if possible, then GENIEDSP2, 3, etc.  If none of the numbers 1-9 or letters A-Z may be used, it will fail with error CPF87D7 (Cannot automatically select virtual device.).  

Starting with Profound UI 6 Fix Pack 10.0, you can specify a different list of suffixes if you wish.  These are provided in the form of an environment variable, with one letter per suffix id.  To use this feature, place a configuration option into your httpd.conf file like this:


It will try each character in the string you specify from left to right to find an available device name.  If none of the suffixes in your string are available, it will fail with CPF87D7, just as it does for the default list.  In the above example, it will try letters A-F followed by numbers 9-1 before receiving an error.

As noted above, Genie will first try the value provided by the workstnid parameter without adding a suffix.  To prevent Genie trying without a suffix you could add the following to your httpd.conf file:


When this is set and you are using the workstnid and suffixid URL parameters, it will use a suffix even if the unsuffixed workstation name would've been available for use.

As with any change to your httpd.conf file, you must restart the HTTP server instance before the changes will take effect.