Genie provides capability to log an entire 5250 session to a database file which can be used by Profound Logic support staff to "replay" a session in a test environment for debugging purposes. This is useful for troubleshooting in the event that Genie fails to render a screen properly.

To create a 5250 session log:

  1. Launch Genie using http://yourserver:8080/profoundui/genie?log=1

  2. If you are specifying a skin on the url like this http://yourserver:8080/profoundui/genie?skin=myskin you would add the log parameter like this: http://yourserver:8080/profoundui/genie?skin=myskin&log=1

  3. Genie is now logging 5250 streams to file LOG5250P in the product installation library (PROFOUNDUI by default).

  4. Immediately after signing into the 5250 session, use CLRPFM to remove all records from the LOG5250P file. This is recommended because the user profile and password are captured from the sign on display and logged to the file.

  5. Navigate to the problematic screen(s).

  6. Create a save file and then save the LOG5250P file to it.

  7. The save file can be attached to an email to Profound Logic support: support@profoundlogic.com

Genie also provides a method to capture a JSON dump of the current Genie screen, which is another useful troubleshooting capability.  Refer to the pui.downloadJSON() API for more information.