Mapping a Network Drive

When working with skins, it may be useful to map a network drive to the IFS for so you can easily access the file system.

On the server:

  • Connect to your system using System i Navigator

  • In the navigation tree, select “Network”, then “Servers”, then “TCP/IP”

  • Find “System i Netserver” and ensure that it is started.  If not started, right-click and select “Start”.

  • Now, select “File Systems” in the navigation tree.  Then select “Integrated Files System”, and then “Root”.  Right-click the root or a particular folder under the root and select “Share -> New Share”.

  • In the resulting dialog, provide a share name.

On your personal computer:

  • In Windows, open My Computer.  From the Tools menu, select “Map Network Drive”.

  • Select an unused drive and under the “Folder” field, specify:

  • \\SystemiIPorHostName\ShareName

  • If you have a different windows user name to your System i sign on Id, you may need to click “connect using a different user name”.

  • Check the “Reconnect at Login” box and click Ok.

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