Editing Skin Files from the Genie Administrator

As mentioned previously, there are 3 primary files used for define a Genie Skin: the start.html file, custom.js file, and skin_name.css file.

If you are running at least Profound UI 4.6.3 and are using IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, you can edit these files directly from within the Genie Administrator web interface. To do so, start by navigating to the Genie Administrator in your web browser.  The Administrator can be accessed from http://SystemiHostName:8080/profoundui/genieadmin.  Once there, find the skin you would like to work with on the navigation tree found on the left side of the Administrator interface and expand it.

There you will see options to edit the necessary files for the skin.  Simply click one of the edit options and you will have access to an editor to make changes to the file. 

You will notice that the editor is much more than a simple text area to make code changes.  It is a full featured editor with syntax highlighting, auto closing of code blocks, syntax checking, and much more. 

Once a change is made, you can save your changes by clicking the "Save File" button above the editor.