Default Sort Order

Specifies the default order for sortable columns. When the user clicks a column, the default sort order is used initially. To provide a different sort order for each grid column, select "Other" and specify a comma separated list. Entries in the list can be abbreviated using the letter A for Ascending and D for Descending.

Promptable? DROPDOWN
Possible Values: Ascending (default), Descending, other
Bindable? YES
Products: ProfoundUI

Order is case sensitive: use A, Ascending, D, or Descending.


When using "Other", you supply a comma-separated list of A's or D's. For example, suppose you want a 3-column grid to use the default sort orders of Ascending for the first column, Descending for the second column, and Descending for the third column. You would set "default sort order" to: A,D,D

If you have more than three columns but only specify three values in the list, then columns after the third will use Ascending as default.

Multi-Column Sorting

When "default sort order" and either the Initial Sort Column or Initial Sort Field properties are bound and are comma-separated lists, then the grid indicates that each column in the list is sorted; in which case, "default sort order" determines the sort direction indicated.

Multi-sort is available with Profound UI Version 6 Fix Packs after 2.1.

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