Sortable Columns

Enables column sorting. If set to true, the user will be able to click on the column headings to resort the data.

Promptable? DROPDOWN
Possible Values: true, false
Bindable? YES
Products: ProfoundUI

For load-all grids, the records are sorted in ascending order of the clicked column if the data was in descending order, and the records are sorted in descending order if the data was in ascending order before the click.

When values in the clicked column are the same, then the order that records were written to the subfile determines which record will be first1:

  • if sort direction is ascending, then records written earlier to the subfile will appear before records written later. (FIFO)
  • if sort direction is descending, then records written later to the subfile will appear before records written earlier. (LIFO)

Multi-Column Sort

Starting in Version 6, Fix Pack 3.0, users have the option to sort on multiple columns for grid widgets. This is used by selecting the 'Sort...' option on the grid header's right-click context menu: 

Selecting this option will bring up a dialog that looks like this: 

This gives you the options to choose whether or not you want to sort a particular column (using the checkbox under the 'Sort' column), the order that you want your columns to be sorted in, the column name and the sort direction (ascending or descending). 

For example, with this grid, we want to sort on the 'Product Name' column (ascending) and the 'StockQuantity' column (descending). So, in the 'Sort Multiple Columns' dialog, we would use the following settings: 

(Notice that you can also move the order of columns in this list by simply dragging and dropping them in the dialog)

Once we save these settings (by using the check-mark button in the upper right-hand corner), we can see that the grid has sorted in the correct sort direction for each column: 

1Available in Profound UI fix packs V6 FP0.0 and higher

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