Load Fields Into Widgets

Allows database driven grids to load their data into widgets. This method loads the data a page at a time. To generate this grid as a load-all see: load all rows

Promptable? DROPDOWN
Possible Values: true, false
Bindable? No
Products: ProfoundUI

Available in Profound UI Version 6 Fix Pack 8.0.

Set up

To use, the grid should be set up with widgets to hold the data in each column, with the chosen database-driven method. The widgets should be bound, and the binding name should match the column name from the table.

In this example, the "database file" method will be used.

Loading data into widgets

To load the data into the widgets, set the "load fields into widgets" property to true.

Now the data can be formatted using any of the widget properties. For example, here the color is set to red,the  text centered, and a 1000s separator added to the numerical data. 

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