Filter Option

Presents an option to filter grid data when the grid heading is right-clicked.

Promptable? DROPDOWN
Possible Values: true,false
Bindable? YES
Products: ProfoundUI

Filtering Expressions

The following is a list of possible filtering expressions that you can use when filtering a column: 

  • xyz - searches for all data containing 'xyz'
  • between aaa and zzz - searches for alphanumeric values between 'aaa' and 'zzz'
  • between 10 and 20 - searches for numeric values between 10 and 20 
  • starts with xyz - searches for all data that starts with 'xyz'
  • values A, B, C, etc. - searches for a list of values (exact matches)
  • =xyz - searches for data equal exactly to 'xyz'
  • >123 - greater than search
  • >=123 - greater or equal to search
  • <123 - less than search
  • <=123 - less than or equal to search
  • !=xyz - searches for alphanumeric values that do not contain 'xyz'
  • !=123 - searches for numeric values that are not equal to 123

As of version 6.9.1, blanks can now be filtered, and are represented by a single space. Valid expressions include: " ", "= ", "== ", and "values A, ,B"

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