Delete Profound UI Instance Tool

The Delete Profound UI Instance (PUIDLTINST) tool lets you delete a Profound UI instance, optionally delete the configuration and customizations for that instance, and optionally delete the Profound UI key on your system.  You can use this to remove unused instances from your system or to completely uninstall Profound UI.

PUIDLTINST is a command that can be run from a "green-screen" (5250) command line or from a program running in batch.

Note: In order to use the PUIDLTINST command, you must have the library where you installed Profound UI (or one of the libraries if you have it installed multiple times) in your library list.  By default, this library is called PROFOUNDUI, but you have the option to select a different library name during installation.  Add whichever library name you used when you installed Profound UI to your library list before running the PUIDLTINST command.

Help is provided for the PUIDLTINST command using the F1=Help online help facility.  To view the help, type the command name at the command line without pressing the Enter key.  Then press F1 and the help screen will be shown.

Example 1: Remove only the Profound Logic code for an instance named PUITEST


Example 2: Remove the entire TEST540 instance, including all configuration and customizations made:


Example 3: Remove a Profound UI instance named PROFOUNDUI, including all samples programs and keys. (You will no longer be able to run Profound UI on this IBM i server or LPAR under any instance since there will no longer be a key.)


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