Special Key Map

This feature works in conjunction with the Special Key Pattern and Special Key Pattern2 configuration options.  You can use a Special Key Map to map the name found on the screen to a valid 5250 special key name. It works by defining a JavaScript object where the field name is the string to map from, and the value is the 5250 key name to map to.


You have a 5250 display viewed in Genie that has the following listed at the bottom of the display:

EntKey=Accept Changes Atn=Popup Menu

By default, Genie will not know that "EntKey" is the same as "Enter", or that "Atn" is the same as the "Attn" (attention) 5250 key.  However you can overcome this limitation by changing the Special Key Pattern to search for EntKey and Atn, and by using the Special Key Map to map EntKey to Enter and Atn to Attn with the following configuration options:

pui["special key pattern"] = "^(EntKey|Atn|Enter|PageUp|PageDown|Rollup|RollDown|PgUp|PgDn|Help|Print)([=-])(.*)$"; pui["special key map"] = { "Atn": "Attn", "EntKey": "Enter" };

This feature can also be used to map key names from non-English languages to the 5250 key names  such as "Help", "Page Up" or "Enter" that must be in English.

This feature requires Profound UI Version 5 Fix Pack 12.0 or newer.