Query String Parameters

The following query string parameters can be passed to Profound UI.

  • pgm - The qualified program name. e.g LIBRARY/PROGRAM

  • container - Optional reference to an element, or an id of an element, where the application will be rendered. If not passed, "pui" is used by default.

  • workstnid - Assigns a workstation id to your session.

  • suffixid - Flag that if enabled avoids duplicate job names by appending a suffix (1 or 0).

  • duplicateid- Flag that if enabled allows duplicate job names (1 or 0).

  • p1, p2, p3....- list of parameter values to be passed to the program (see here for more details)

  • l1, l2, l3.....- list of lengths for the parameters listed above (see here for more details)

  • controller - points to a PHP controller to start a Rich Display File application built with PHP.

  • log - Turns logging On or Off (1 or 0).

  • debug - Allows you to debug with STRDBG (see here).

  • jsonURL - Loads a json screenshot instead of running a program.

  • lang - (requires Profound UI 6 fix pack 8.0 or newer) lets you specify a language ISO code (for example fr_FR) in the URL as an alternative to setting pui.language and PUISETLANG.