Customizing Built-in Screens


Profound UI includes several built-in screens which can be customized. These screens are included in a rich display file which can be modified using the Visual Designer. These built-in screens are used only when running RPG Open Access-based rich display file applications outside of a Genie session. When running in a Genie session, the normal IBM i operating system screens are used instead.

The DDS source member PUISCREENS in file QDDSSRC in the product installation library (default PROFOUNDUI) includes these screens.


PUISCREENS includes the following record formats:

  • SIGNONSCRN is the sign on panel.

  • ERRSCRN is the panel which is displayed when an unmonitored exception occurs in the application job.

  • EOJSCRN is the panel which is displayed when the application job ends.

  • TIMEOUTSCRN is the panel which is displayed when the session has timed out.

Any customizations can be made to these record formats, so long as field binding is not modified. This means that there can be no addition, removal, or changing of bound fields. However, widgets can be hidden, new widgets can be added, styles can be changed, etc.

Before customizing PUISCREENS, you MUST create a copy of the source member outside of the Profound UI product installation library, because the product-provided source member will be replaced when Profound UI updates are installed.

After making customizations, the source member must be compiled as file name PUISCREENS in the product installation library. The compiled object will NOT be replaced when installing product updates.

Error Recovery

If field binding is changed in a customized version of PUISCREENS, critical failure will occur when Profound UI attempts to process the screens. To recover from this situation, simply recompile PUISCREENS from the original product-provided source member.