Program Parameter Interface

To use the parameter interface, you must use query string parameters ‘px’ and ‘lx’ to indicate the parameter values and lengths. It’s very important that the order of the parameters and lengths match up exactly to the parameter list in your CL or RPG program or you’ll get “pointer or parameter” errors when trying to call them. You can pass as many parameters as necessary by using p1, l1, p2, l2, etc (these must be in lower case) as many times as needed.

Up to 255 parameters can be passed in this way. 255 is the limit of parameters that an ILE RPG program can receive.

For example, to call an initial program that has a parameter list like this:

PGM        PARM(&PARM1 &PARM2 &PARM3) 

DCL        VAR(&PARM1) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(50)

DCL        VAR(&PARM2) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(2)                       

DCL        VAR(&PARM3) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10)                      

Use this link (your data values are represented by X’s, fill in your parameter values there):

for an anonymous program, the url would be like this:


for the initial program when using basic authentication the url would be like this:


for the initial program when using a Profound UI Sign On the url would be like this:


If you pass fewer characters than specified by the ‘l’ value for a parameter, it will be blank-filled to ‘l’ number of positions. If you pass more characters, the value passed into the program will be truncated to ‘l’ characters.