Saving Persist State on IBM i

When you use a grid widget in Profound UI, it has a property named 'persist state'.  When you enable this, it will save certain grid settings to your PC so that they will be retained each time that particular grid is re-displayed.

Starting with Profound UI 6, fix pack 7.0 it is possible to also save these settings into the PUISTATEP physical file that is located in the Profound UI installation library on IBM i.  This is useful for users who use multiple browsers and/or computers and wish to keep the same settings across all locations.  It also allows users to clear their browser settings without losing the saved state.

When enabled, the state is sent to the server and saved to the physical file the next time control is sent back to the IBM i.  This means that if you exit the screen by closing the browser window, the settings will not be saved.

To enable this feature, you must set the following environment variable on IBM i:


Existing Profound UI sessions may need to be restarted before the change will be effective.