Add Handler Command

The Add Handler Keyword (PUIADDHND) command is used to add the appropriate specifications to an RPGLE or SQLRPGLE source member that will allow the program to use a Profound Logic product. It also allows you to add a conditional compile directive and/or a named activation group. This command is meant to be used for mass changes (i.e. if you need to add the HANDLER keyword to a large number of programs at one time). If you are working with a small number of programs, you should simply add the HANDLER keyword manually. 

PUIADDHND is a command that can be run from a "green-screen" (5250) command line or from a program running in batch. Help is provided for the PUIADDHND command using the F1=Help online help facility. To view the help, type the command name at the command line without pressing the Enter key and then press F1. This should show the 'Help' screen for this command.

In order to use the PUIADDHND command, you must have the library where you installed Profound UI (or one of the libraries, if you have it installed multiple times) in your library list.  By default, this library is called PROFOUNDUI, but you have the option to select a different library name during installation.  Add the library name you used when you installed Profound UI to your library list before running the PUIADDHND command.

PUIADDHND currently supports RPG lengths up to 112.

Example: Add a handler to all appropriate source members.