Toolbar Items

Adding a Toolbar Item

The Toolbar Items panel is displayed on the Navigation tab directly below the Navigation Items panel. To add an item to the toolbar, select the toolbar folder and click add.

Adding a Button

To add a button to the toolbar, select the Button option in the Add dropdown list. The Button Item Details will be displayed. Update the button name, action type and other fields as desired and click Update.

Adding a New Pull-down Menu

To add a pulldown menu to the toolbar, select the Pulldown Menu option in the Add dropdown list. Update the item name and various fields as desired and click update. You may add pulldown items to the new menu as well. In this example, we’ve named our new Pulldown Menu “Development Team” and added two items to the menu. 

Adding a Separator Bar

To add a separator bar to the toolbar first select the Toolbar folder and click the add button. Select the Separator Bar option in the dropdown list. The new separator will be displayed in the list of Toolbar Items. You may select the separator and drag to the desired location to add a line of separation between two items.


Exit the control panel by clicking the “X” in the upper right hand corner. All of the items we’ve covered in the previous instructions are shown. You’ll notice the separator bar has been placed between My Company and Development Team as we specified in the toolbar settings.

Follow the same steps (listed above) to add a spacer or fill item to your toolbar. A spacer item, as the name suggests, adds a space between two items. A fill item fills the toolbar with spaces until it reaches the very end. A fill item is appropriate when rendering items on both, left most and right most, sides of the toolbar is desired.