Atrium Exit Programs

Atrium Exit programs

Atrium normally uses its own Database files to store the menu items, configuration options, user details, etc. However, Atrium can also use Exit programs instead of its own database files.  The exit programs can then be called to load the menu items, configuration setting, and users from a user database and supply this data to Atrium.

To allow this alternate “Exit Program” mode of operation, the following directive must be added to the httpd.conf configuration file:


The six exit programs are:

  1. PUIATEXAUT – validate a user and return a user name

  2. PUIATEXCFG – returns configuration options

  3. PUIATEXINI – runs a Profound UI program for a given menu option

  4. PUIATEXMNU – return menu items so Atrium can build its menu

  5. PUIATEXRTV – retrieves the program to run when the Atrium.launchItem(itemId) API is used

  6. PUIATEXSCH – returns menu items when user uses the search tool

Note: In order for each Exit program to set the library list so it can find any required database files, a CL may need to be written and called near the top of each program.