Atrium Session Timeout

By default, the Atrium session never times out. When Profound UI / Genie applications are run in Atrium, each tab is its own Profound UI / Genie session which times out independently of other tabs as configured by the server session timeoutpui["client side timeout"], and pui["keep alive interval"] settings.

Optionally, Atrium can manage session timeout. To enable Atrium session timeout, set the option "Session times out" in the settings panel:

When Atrium manages session timeout the entire Atrium session, including all tabs, will timeout if there is no activity for the period of time specified by the server session timeout value. Any user activity in the main Atrium page or on any Profound UI / Genie tab will keep the entire session alive, including all tabs. The pui["client side timeout"], and pui["keep alive interval"] settings are ignored when a PUI / Genie session is run within Atrium and Atrium is managing session timeout.

When the Atrium session times out, HTTP authentication credentials are cleared from the browser. This means that timeout in one Atrium session will invalidate credentials in any open Atrium sessions. For this reason, users will be limited to 1 Atrium window, regardless of the "Limit number of sessions" option on the settings panel.

Resetting Inactivity Timer in 3rd Party Web Applications

Atrium can't automatically detect user activity in a custom or 3rd party web application. To prevent the Atrium session from timing out when the user is actively working in a tab containing a custom or 3rd party web application, use the Atrium.attachActivityMonitor() or Atrium.resetInactivityTimeout() APIs.