Language Support for Atrium

Beginning with Profound Version 5, Fix Pack 5.0, all Atrium messages or strings are configurable for different languages or cultures.  You can customize these strings yourself, or even define new languages with configuration options.

Configuring a Language

By default, the Atrium Menu Interface uses the English US (en_US) language.

There are two ways to set the language used by the Atrium interface to something else.

  • An IFS settings file sets one language to be displayed for all users.

  • Setting a field under users' Atrium profiles, allowing different languages per user. (This method is available with Profound UI Version 6 Fix Pack 1.0 and later.)

Method 1 - Settings File

This method sets one language for all users.

To begin, create a new JavaScript file–for example, settings.js–and place it in the following IFS directory:


Replace "yourInstanceName" with the name of the Profound UI instance that was chosen during installation. Usually the name is "profoundui", in which case the path would be /www/profoundui/htdocs/profoundui/userdata/extension/atrium/.

The configuration options set in the Atrium settings.js file apply only to Atrium. If you want to configure languages for Genie or Rich Display sessions, see Language Support.

To set the language, specify a value for pui.language in your Atrium settings file. For example, to set the language to "French, France", you would code the following:

pui.language = "fr_FR";

Setting pui["language"] is all that's necessary for Atrium to provide text or messages in the language of your choice. (Note: not all messages and strings have been translated for every language yet. For those not yet translated, you can define them yourself as shown below.)

Method 2 - Set language in the ATUSERSP.AULANG field

With this method, different users can use different languages. (This method is available with Profound UI Version 6 Fix Pack 1.0 and later.)

To set a single user's language, find the user in the ATUSERSP physical file, and set the AULANG field to a valid language identifier. Valid language identifiers for Atrium are listed in a section below: Languages Provided for the Atrium Menu Interface.

For example, to setup a single user whose ID is 2 to use Dutch, the ATUSERSP file can be updated with the following SQL statement:

UPDATE InstName/atusersp set aulang = 'nl_NL' where auuser = 2

"InstName" should be the library where your instance of Profound UI is installed. The default is PROFOUNDUI.

Then, when the user reloads Atrium, the interface will be in Dutch.

The pui.language setting must not exist in any JavaScript file in userdata/extension/atrium/, or else this method will not work.

Starting with Profound UI 6 fix pack 8.0, if AULANG is set in the ATUSERSP table, it will be passed to Rich Display applications via the 'lang' query string parameter.

Changing the Language Identifiers from Older Versions with Existing Translations

Atrium includes a translations file, ATNTRANSP, which defines alternate texts for navigation and toolbar items. Each navigation/toolbar item can display different languages, depending on the users' language setting in ATUSERSP.AULANG. For a translated text to appear, the AULANG field data must match the ATNTRANSP.ANTLANG data. For example, if a user's AULANG is 'de_DE' and there are translations defined for the navigation/toolbar items, then the entries in ATNTRANSP.ATNLANG must also be 'de_DE'. Older versions of Profound UI could only use 3-character language fields. The newer versions (V6 FP 1.0 and later) can use 5.

To allow a user's language to be different and migrate from an older language setting, queries like the following samples can be used:


"InstName" should be the library where your instance of Profound UI is installed. The default is PROFOUNDUI.

Languages Provided for the Atrium Menu Interface

The following languages are provided with Atrium:

  • en_US = English, USA  (default)

  • en_GB = English, Great Britain.  Prior to Profound UI 6 fix pack 8.0, the code en_UK should be used instead.

  • de_DE = German, Germany

  • pt_PT = Portuguese, Portugal

  • pt_BR = Portuguese, Brazil

  • es_ES = Spanish, Spain

  • es_MX = Spanish, Mexico

  • fr_FR = French, France

  • fr_CA = French, Canada

  • it_IT = Italian, Italy

  • nl_NL = Dutch, Netherlands

Customizing a Language

Any of the strings that are provided in the language dictionary of Atrium may be customized. To do that, you can define a string as follows:

pui[dictionary-name][language][message id] = "The New String";

For example, to customize the message that occurs when there's no connection to the server in USA English you can code:

pui["runtimeMsg"]["en_US"]["no connection message"] = "The server is unavailable. Call Terry at 555-1234 for help!";

This can be set separately for each language.  For example, in German you might prefer:

pui["runtimeMsg"]["de_DE"]["no connection message"]   = "System i5 ist nicht erreichbar, bitte die Kommunikation prüfen und erneut versuchen.";

You can find a list of the possible dictionary and message id values under "Defining a new language", below.

Defining a New Language

If Atrium does not come with your preferred language already defined, you can add a new language yourself by coding all of the needed strings as configuration settings. To do that, your settings file should set the language you wish to use.  You can pick any string you like for the language name. Then, define empty objects for the runtimeMsg and runtimeText dictionaries, as follows:

pui["language"] = "MyLanguage"; if(!pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]) pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"] = {}; if(!pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]) pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"] = {};

Then, define a message for each message ID in each dictionary.  Here is a list of all of the messages you can define:

pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["num sessions exceeded"] = "Number of allowed sessions exceeded."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to load portal"] = "Unable to load portal settings or navigation items."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to load macr act"] = "Unable to load macro actions."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to load macr var"] = "Unable to load macro variables."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to load scrn lst"] = "Unable to load screen list."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to load new sett"] = "Unable to load new settings."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to load x"] = "Unable to load &1."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to add x"] = "Unable to add &1."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to rename x"] = "Unable to rename &1."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to delete x"] = "Unable to delete &1."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to update x"] = "Unable to update &1."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to reassn x"] = "Unable to reassign &1."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to reorder items"] = "Unable to reorder items."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable to save theme"] = "Unable to save theme setting."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unable eval script url"] = "Unable to evaluate scripted web app URL."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["close browser text"] = "To complete the log off process, please close your browser window."; //Message appears when Atrium itself is closed. pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["close browser text AT"] = "Unsaved changes to the session(s) will be lost."; //Message for when closing a tab inside Atrium. pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["close all tabs"] = "Close all tabs?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["close tab"] = "Do you want to close this tab?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["invalid script url"] = "Invalid value for scripted web app URL."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["unrecognized format"] = "Unrecognized format."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["screen already defined"] = "Screen \"&1\" is already defined."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["macro already defined"] = "Macro \"&1\" is already defined."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["no screen ids"] = "There are no screen identifiers to display"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["confirm delete"] = "Confirm Delete"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["no actions"] = "There are no actions to display."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg action input var"] = "Enter the value in variable \"&1\" into the field at row &2 column &3."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg action input user"] = "Enter the current user profile into the field at row &1 column &2."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg action input js"] = "Enter the result of JavaScript expression <strong>&1</strong> into the field at row &2 column &3."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg action input other"] = "Enter the value \"&1\" into the field at row &2 column &3."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg presskey var"] = "Press the key defined in variable \"&1\"."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg presskey other"] = "Press the \"&1\" key."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg del scrn from macro"] = "Are you sure you want to delete the selected screen(s) from this macro?<br /> All associated actions will also be deleted."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["choose scrn macro"] = "Choose a screen or macro to work with its properties."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["choose a nav or toolbar"] = "Choose a navigation or toolbar item to work with its properties."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["confirm del sel x"] = "Are you sure you want to delete the selected &1?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["permission settings"] = "permission setting(s)"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["adding x"] = "Adding &1..."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["deleting x"] = "Deleting &1 ..."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["reassigning x"] = "Reassigning &1..."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["loading"] = "Loading..."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["saving"] = "Saving..."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["x added"] = "&1 added."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["x deleted"] = "&1 deleted."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["x reassigned"] = "&1 reassigned."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["x updated"] = "&1 updated."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["x saved"] = "&1 saved."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["msg del group"] = "Are you sure you want to delete group \"&1\"?<br /><br />Deleting groups also deletes any subgroups and any associated users.<br /><br />Are you sure you want to continue?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf reassign users 1"] = "Are you sure you want to reassign "; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf reassign users 2a"] = "user \"&1\" "; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf reassign users 2b"] = "the selected users "; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf reassign users 3"] = " to group \"&1\"?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf reassign group"] = "Are you sure you want to reassign group \"&1\" to group \"&2\"?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf delete users 1"] = "Are you sure you want to delete "; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf delete users 2a"] = "user \"&1\"?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["conf delete users 2b"] = "the selected users?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["no users"] = "There are no users to display."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["cannot delete own grp"] = "You cannot delete your own group."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["cannot delete own usr"] = "You cannot delete your own user profile."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["not auth reassign prf"] = "You are not authorized to reassign your own profile."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["typeselect macro name"] = "Type or select macro name..."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["any child items will"] = "Any child items will also be deleted."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["password must be"] = "Passwords must be at least 6 characters."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["type or sel home page"] = "Type or select home page..."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["x is already in list"] = "\"&1\" is already in the list."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["x is not valid libname"] = "\"&1\" is not a valid library name."; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["no libraries in list"] = "No libraries in the list"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["add libl entry"] = "Add library list entry"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["would you like add ano"] = "Would you like to add another?"; pui["runtimeMsg"]["MyLanguage"]["already in suppl grp x"] = "User is already in supplemental group \"&1\"."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["settings"] = "Settings"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["favorites"] = "Favorites"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["type query press en"] = "Type query, press Enter."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["add to favorites"] = "Add to Favorites"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["rmv from favorites"] = "Remove from Favorites"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["please wait"] = "Please wait..."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["control panel"] = "Control Panel"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["my settings"] = "My Settings"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["about atrium"] = "About Atrium"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["about atrium msg"] = "Version: " + window["pui"]["version"] + "<br /><br />" +"Copyright &copy 1999-" + new Date().getFullYear() + " Profound Logic Software, Inc.<br /><br />" +"Warning: This computer program is protected by copyright law<br />" +"and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or<br />" +"distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in<br />" +"severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the<br />" +"maximum extent possible under the law.<br /><br />" +"Patented. &nbsp;U.S. Patent No. 8,667,405 B2."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["item"] = "Item"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["open selected item"] = "Open Selected Item"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["no results to dsp"] = "No results to display."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["displaying results"] = "Displaying results"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["search results"] = "Search Results"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["new folder"] = "New Folder"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["rename"] = "Rename"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["description"] = "Description"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["ok"] = "OK"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["yes"] = "Yes"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["no"] = "No"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["add"] = "Add"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["add x"] = "Add &1"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["delete"] = "Delete"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["screen"] = "Screen"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["screens"] = "Screens"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["macro"] = "Macro"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["macros"] = "Macros"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["screen id"] = "Screen Identifier"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["screen ids"] = "Screen Identifiers"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["field row"] = "Field Row"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["field column"] = "Field Column"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["field value"] = "Field Value"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["value"] = "Value"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["action"] = "Action"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["actions"] = "Actions"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["detect once"] = "Detect Once"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["delete screen"] = "Delete Screen"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["genie macros"] = "Genie Macros"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["screen name"] = "Screen name"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["identifier"] = "Identifier"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["identifiers"] = "Identifiers"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["macro name"] = "Macro name"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["close browser wintab"] = "Close the browser window or tab."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["select"] = "Select"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["write value in field"] = "Write a value into a field"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["press a key"] = "Press a key"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["a literal value"] = "A literal value"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["a variable value"] = "A variable value"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["cur user profile"] = "The current user profile"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["result js expr"] = "The result of a JavaScript expression"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["action data"] = "Action data"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["data type"] = "Data type"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["users"] = "Users"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["all groups"] = "All Groups"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["supplemental groups"] = "Supplemental Groups"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["users w primary grp"] = "Users whose Primary Group is \"&1\""; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["users w suppl grp"] = "Users with Supplemental Group for \"&1"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["group"] = "Group"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["groups"] = "Groups"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["edit"] = "Edit"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["edit x"] = "Edit &1"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["manager"] = "Manager"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["administrator"] = "Administrator"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["primary group"] = "Primary Group"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["delete x"] = "Delete &1"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["reassign x"] = "Reassign &1"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navigation item"] = "Navigation Item"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navigation items"] = "Navigation Items"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navigation panel"] = "Navigation Panel"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["home pages"] = "Home Pages"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["menu group"] = "Menu Group"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["menu item"] = "Menu Item"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["toolbar items"] = "Toolbar Items"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["toolbar"] = "Toolbar"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["button"] = "Button"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["pulldown menu"] = "Pulldown Menu"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["pulldown menu item"] = "Pulldown Menu Item"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["separator bar"] = "Separator Bar"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["spacer"] = "Spacer"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["item details"] = "Item Details"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["item number"] = "Item number"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["item type"] = "Item type"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["genie macro"] = "Genie Macro"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["rdf application"] = "Rich Display File Application"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["web application"] = "Web Application"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["pc command"] = "PC Command"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["dspf program library"] = "Display file program library"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["dspf program"] = "Display file program"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["variable name x"] = "Variable name &1"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["a tab in the portal"] = "A tab in the portal"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["a new browser wind"] = "A new browser window or tab"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["update"] = "Update"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["fill"] = "Fill"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["permissions"] = "Permissions"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["user/group name"] = "User/Group Name"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["all users groups"] = "All Users and Groups"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["type"] = "Type"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["access"] = "Access"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["allow"] = "Allow"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["disallow"] = "Disallow"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navigation"] = "Navigation"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["add usrgrp perm"] = "Add User/Group Permissions"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["membership"] = "Membership"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["none"] = "None"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["remove"] = "Remove"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["appearance"] = "Appearance"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["home page"] = "Home page"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["tree"] = "Tree"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["accordion"] = "Accordion"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["min search chars"] = "Minimum search characters"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["libl for rdf apps"] = "Library List for Rich Display File Applications"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["library list"] = "Library list"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["library"] = "Library"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["use atrium def libl"] = "Use Atrium default library list"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["use jobd libl"] = "Use library list from JOBD"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["specify libl"] = "Specify library list"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["up"] = "Up"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["down"] = "Down"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["move up"] = "Move Up"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["move down"] = "Move Down"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["global settings"] = "Global settings"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["save"] = "Save"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["add usr to supp grp"] = "Add User to Supplemental Group"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["member of"] = "Member of"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["member of hlp"] = "The group that this user/group belongs to."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["group name"] = "Group name"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["group name hlp"] = "The display name for this group."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["inherit settings"] = "Inherit settings"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["inherit settings hlp"] = "When this option is checked, the user/group will inherit settings from its parent. When unchecked, the user/group will have its own settings data."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["user name"] = "User Name"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["user name hlp"] = "The display name of this user profile."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["access role"] = "Access Role"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["access role hlp"] = "Controls the access role of this user. Administrators can manage all groups and users, and can also control application authorities. Managers can configure user and group settings within their own group. Users have no special privileges."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["can edit profile"] = "Can edit profile"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["can edit profile hlp"] = "Allows the user to edit \"appearance\" and \"navigation\" settings, and to change the password. All other settings are never editable by the user."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["user profile"] = "User Profile"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["user profile hlp"] = "The user profile name. User profile names are case sensitive, unless IBM i profiles are used."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["password hlp"] = "Sets/resets the password. Passwords are case sensitive."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["conf password"] = "Confirm Password"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["conf password hlp"] = "When setting/resetting the password, this field must match exactly to the new password given. Passwords are case sensitive."; // User/group Appearance preferences. pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["browser title"] = "Browser title"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["browser title hlp"] = "Sets the text that will display in the browser's title bar."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show banner"] = "Show banner"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show banner hlp"] = "Uncheck this option if you do not wish to show the banner at the top of the portal."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["banner height"] = "Banner height"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["banner height hlp"] = "Sets the height of the banner at the top of the portal in pixels. This setting is ignored if you have chosen not to show the banner. Valid values are 0-600 pixels."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["banner url"] = "Banner URL"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["banner url hlp"] = "Sets the URL where the banner content is located. Can be either an absolute or fully qualified URL."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["theme"] = "Theme"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["theme hlp"] = "Sets the default theme. This can be overriden by individual users if <strong>\"Allow users to select theme\"</strong> is enabled."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["allow sel theme"] = "Allow user to select theme"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["allow sel theme hlp"] = "If checked, users will have the ability to select their desired theme using a control in the toolbar."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show menu search"] = "Show menu search"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show menu search hlp"] = "Uncheck to disable the menu search feature."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show fav sys"] = "Show favorites system"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show fav sys hlp"] = "Uncheck to disable the favorites system."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["limit num sessn"] = "Limit number of sessions"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["limit num sessn hlp"] = "Number of Atrium sessions allowed for this user/group. A value of zero allows for unlimited sessions. The limitation is applied per web browser."; // User/Group navigation preferences. pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show hmpg start"] = "Show home page on startup"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["show hmpg start hlp"] = "If checked, a customizable home page will be launched in the portal on startup."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["home page url"] = "Home page URL"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["home page url hlp"] = "Sets the URL where the home page content is located. Can be either an absolute or fully qualified URL."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navi pnl title"] = "Navigation panel title"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navi pnl title hlp"] = "Sets the text that will display in the navigation panel's title bar."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navi pnl width"] = "Navigation panel start width"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navi pnl width hlp"] = "Sets the starting width of the navigation panel in pixels. The user can resize or even hide the panel as desired. Valid values are 0-2000 pixels."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navi type"] = "Navigation type"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["navi type hlp"] = "Controls the type of menu used in the navigation panel, \"tree\" or \"accordion\". This setting does not apply to the toolbar."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["single click nav"] = "Single click navigation"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["single click nav hlp"] = "If checked, menu items in the navigation panel will launch on a single click. Otherwise, they will launch only on double click. This setting does not apply to the toolbar."; // Library list. pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["current library"] = "Current library"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["current library hlp"] = "Specify the current library, *USRPRF, or *CRTDFT."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["job descr"] = "Job description"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["job descr hlp"] = "Specify a job description to set the library list from. *USRPRF can be specified if the Atrium users are IBM i user profiles."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["job descr lib"] = "Job description library"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["job descr lib hlp"] = "Specify the library for the job description. *LIBL or *CURLIB can be specified."; // Navigation / Toolbar items. pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["item name"] = "Item name"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["item name hlp"] = "Sets the display name of the navigation or toolbar item."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["action type"] = "Action type"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["action type hlp"] = "Sets the type of application that this item launches."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["url"] = "URL"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["url hlp"] = "Sets the URL of the Web application. This can be specified either as an absolute path or a fully qualified URL. Query string parameters may be specified on the URL."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["genie url"] = "Genie URL"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["genie url hlp"] = "Sets the URL that is used to launch Genie. If not specified, the default Genie URL /profoundui/auth/genie will be used. This field is useful if an alternate Genie URL or query string parameters are required. For example: /profoundui/auth/genie?skin=MyCompany"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["open as"] = "Open as"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["open as hlp"] = "Sets whether to launch the item as a new tab in the portal, or as a new browser window or tab. Whether the browser uses a new window or tab depends on the user's browser settings."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["opens once only"] = "Opens once only"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["opens once only hlp"] = "By default, if the user launches this item when a tab is already open to it in the portal, another tab will be opened to the item. There is no limitation on the number of tabs the user can open in this way. When this open is checked, the user will not be able to open more than one tab to this item. If there is already a tab open for the item when the user selects it, the existing tab will be activated. This option is ignored when opening the item in a new browser window or tab."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["icon"] = "Icon"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["icon hlp"] = "Optional. Sets an icon file to be used for the navigation or toolbar item. The icon file can be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format. Transparent GIFs are recommended. The path should be given as an absolute path from the root of the Atrium installation. If no icon is specified, Atrium will use a default icon for navigation items. No icon will be shown for toolbar items unless specified here."; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["parameter"] = "Parameter"; pui["runtimeText"]["MyLanguage"]["parameter hlp"] = "Optional: Specifies a parameter that will be passed to your Rich Display program when it is launched.";

You should only translate the text on the right-hand side of the equal sign.  Do not translate the message IDs (such as "no connection message" or "signature overflow") because Profound UI will not be able to find your message in the dictionary if you change the dictionary name or the message id.

Strings like "&1", "&2", etc. are placeholders. The translations of such strings should also include the placeholder symbols.

Some strings not listed above may be specified in the general Profound UI language support page: Language Support. To change a string that is used by both Atrium and Profound UI, the string needs to be set in both the Atrium settings file and the Profound UI settings.js file.