Rules For Determining Permissions

A user's permission to view an Atrium navigation/menu item is determined in the following order:

  1. Public. If no subsequent rule overrides it, then the public rule determines permission. There is an error if no public permissions record exists for a menu item. Based on this record, allowed state is set.

  2. Primary group permission. If no subsequent rule overrides it, then a user's primary group rule determines permission.

  3. Supplemental groups*. Can be overridden by user-level permission.

    1. If any one of a user's supplemental groups is permitted and none are denied, then the user is permitted.

    2. If any group is denied, then the user is not permitted.

    3. If rules for the navigation item match none of the supplemental groups, then the supplemental groups have no effect on permission.

  4. User permission. If there is a rule allowing or denying a user on a navigation item, then that rule sets permission, regardless of rules for public, group, or supplementary groups.

*Supplemental groups became available with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 2.0.