Handler Overview

This module is specific to the IBM i platform.

In the past, if an IBM i RPG programmer was to learn about Web application development, it may have taken years to become fully proficient. But with Profound UI, because of its native approach, there is virtually no learning curve.

When working with Profound UI, RPG developers can write programs using the same top-down methodology, native RPG operations, and coding techniques they are already familiar with. Using Profound UI's Handler for RPG Open Access, any traditional RPG operations that deal with displays are automatically understood, and the output is rendered into a capable rich user interface.

Not only does Profound UI support all RPG operations, but it also provides support for all of the traditional RPG backend features and concepts inside of a browser-based rich user interface context. Familiar concepts like call stacks, level checks, sign-in sessions, subfile processing, locales, overlays, message files, local data areas, and the like are all an inherent part of the Profound UI rich user interface platform.