Visual Designer

The Profound UI Visual Designer is a powerful, graphical development environment that allows you to quickly create professional interfaces in a point-and-click, drag-and-drop manner. This environment enables programmers to build modern browser based applications, without having to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It can also be used as a standard file editor and file navigator, allowing you to navigate to and edit files that are located on the IFS. This allows you to create interfaces and edit files all in one place!

Accessing the Visual Designer

The Visual Designer is installed with Profound UI and is easy to access. To access the Designer, you’ll use the following URL:


The systemName and port number mentioned in the URL above will be specific to your system and Profound UI instance port and should be replaced with the correct values.

  • systemName should be replaced with the correct system name (or IP address) for your system

  • port should be replaced with the port that your Profound UI instance was installed on

Visual Designer Elements

Below are links to detailed pages that give an overview of each of the major elements within the Visual Designer.

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