Database Field Properties

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This feature is only available in Profound UI Version 6 Fix Pack 2.0 and later.


This feature allows you to associate pre-configured sets of widget properties with database fields and store them for later use. Database fields can then be dragged onto the design canvas, and the associated widget will be created with the pre-configured properties. This allows you to develop database-driven applications more rapidly, since you don't have to continually set up widget properties for commonly used database fields.

Database Connectivity

The Profound UI Visual Designer automatically connects to the local DB2 for IBM i database. The list of schemas (IBM i libraries) that will be available to work with is set using the Library List button in the ribbon:

The Profound.js version of the Designer uses the database driver specified in the instance configuration file:

  • The "jsonDB" driver is not supported.
  • When using the "IBMi" driver, the list of schemas (IBM i libraries) that will be available to work with is set using the pathlist setting in the instance configuration file.
  • For other database drivers, any schemas the user has permission to will be available to work with.

Browsing the Database

The Database tab in the Designer's left side panel has a tree that allows you to browse through the configured database's schemas, tables within each schema, and columns within each table.

Storing Widget Properties

To store widget properties for a database field, right-click on the field in the tree and select Field Properties to display the Field Properties dialog.



The Field Properties dialog can store two sets of properties – one for when the database field is output, and one for input. Example scenario: The DB table shown above stores product categories. When the category id field (CATID) is used for input, it should use a drop down box widget that shows the category name (CNAME), but returns CATID to the application.The items in the drop down box should be sorted by category name. To accomplish that, the input properties could be set like this:

With this set up, the field will be created as a drop down box with the appropriate settings when it's dragged from the Database tree to the Design canvas

Adding Fields from Database Tree to Design Canvas

To add a field from the Database tree to the Design canvas, use the radio buttons in the Database tab toolbar to select the desired preset, and drag the field onto the Design canvas.The widget will be set up with the pre-configured properties.

Default Presets

Default presets will be used for fields that have no saved properties. The default presets can be configured with the default input properties and default output properties configuration options.

Storage of Field Properties

  • The Profound UI Designer stores database field properties in DB2 for i table DATABASE_REPOSITORY (system name PUIDBREPO) in the Profound UI product installation library.

  • The Profound.js Designer stores database field propertise in file 'database_properties.json' in the Profound.js installation directory.