Record Format/Screen List

Profound UI Visual Designer

In Profound UI, rich display files are organized into record formats, which represent separate screens and subfiles (grids). Use the Record Format List located at the top right section of the screen to add, remove, or rename a record format, copy/paste a record format, or switch between the record formats that are available. Buttons also exist to display the record format in desktop or mobile view: when Desktop Web mode is active, screens are displayed in the canvas as they will appear in a web browser; when Mobile mode is active, screens are shown as if they are being viewed on a mobile device.

Profound.js IDE

The Profound.js IDE has similar features but uses the name "screens" instead of "record formats". A Link/Unlink button provides the ability to split a screen into separate desktop and mobile views; when linked, a change made in one view appears in the other, while unlinked views are considered separate screens that automatically display depending on the client device. This feature is useful when building desktop and mobile screens that share many of the same UI elements – lay out all the common elements while the screens are linked, then unlink them and add elements unique to each view.